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renewable energy icon 2An industry on the verge of explosive growth (1 million homes went solar in the past 40 years; another million projected in the next 2 years!)

renewable energy icon 2Comprehensive mentoring and training programs (weekly meetings, monthly incentives)

renewable energy icon 2Generous commissions and the opportunity for overrides (25% at signing, 75% at install)

renewable energy icon 2Access to our industry-leading, real-time sales platform (you can give complete bids in minutes and get instant credit approval)

renewable energy icon 2Be part of our end-to-end solar experience (we oversee everything from survey and design to permitting and installation)

renewable energy icon 2Opportunities for advancement on our sales leadership team (we’re sustaining 700% revenue growth)

renewable energy icon 2Industry-leading customer service from our solar concierge team (we love earning 5-star reviews)

renewable energy icon 2 An executive team dedicated to building sustainable, successful growth (no churn and burn here; we invest in the best)

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Evelar Solar was founded in 2013 and is sustaining 700% annual revenue growth. Why? Our success is built on the vision that there’s a better way to discover, buy, sell, and live solar. We’re more than a solar company - we’re an end-to-end energy savings platform. Every system comes with a NEST® Learning Thermostat with free installation, and we’re constantly innovating to improve every step of the solar process, including marketing, sales, site surveys, design, permitting, installation, go-live, monitoring, and service.

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